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We combine over 15 years’ experience in Physiotherapy and remedial massage with a collaborative approach to amplify your physical wellbeing. We believe our patients deserve more than mere relief of symptoms such as pain, so we work passionately as a team to regain your lost health.

Our Services


Recovery from any pain or dysfunction caused by a musculoskeletal injury. Do you have a muscle, joint or nerve problems?

Upper Limb Injury

Serious injuries not only affect a person’s function, but their liveliehood as well. Do you know that we will coordinate your recovery while taking care of budjet?

Spinal Injury

We address Spinal cord injury (SCI) following an accident or following diseases, so that an individual can maximise their potential for recovery and therefore maximise their independence. How we help you to regain from SCI?

Lower Limb Injury

Dead leg, or quadriceps contusion, may affect olympic athletes as well as you an me. It is caused by crushing the muscle against the thigh bone (the femur) which is one of the longest and most dense bones in the human body.

Wound care & Splinting

Everything from early wound care, dressings, suture, staple removal and splinting, through to strengthening and activities of daily living, including returning to work.

Wound care & Splinting

Everything from early wound care, dressings, suture, staple removal and splinting, through to strengthening and activities of daily living, including returning to work.

enjoy optimal movement

How do we make sure you are taken care of today and decades down the track?


We do this with our model of Relieving pain, Restoring function and Preventing injury.


We help you restore your movement, function, and confidence so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do.


We provide step-by-step guidance in changing your habits, lifestyle and mindset so you can boost your energy, reduce your stress, and regain your health faster.

Plan a better Future

As community-based, multi-disciplinary health service providers, our vision of having a full spectrum of services to cover the entire end-to-end disability cycle remains as strong as ever. The establishment of our new Physiotherapy Clinic and our introduction of In-Home Physiotherapy are significant steps forward in our realization of that vision.

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66% Increase in Recovery speed


80% Increase Insurance success

You are Covered

If you are employed and you have a health insurance plan, call us to find out how you qualify for physio theraphy treatments – sometimes you are completely covered, though you don’t know. Join a group of happy patients. Contact us below to find out.

  • ECH
  • Direct Payments
  • WSIB
  • Other

We support following funding sources:

  • Group insurance health plans (EHC)

  • Auto insurance direct payment

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Employers

  • WSIB

We also accept debit and credit cards.

Outstanding Figures

Our promise is your speedy recovery. Your asured regain of health.

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Deferred Payment for ICBC Patients ?

Times can be tough and user fees can stack up quickly. Don’t skip treatment! For ICBC patients, we offer a deferred payment solution. You can get your treatment without payment because we defer all user fees until the end of your settlement. Get the treatment you need now without worrying.

Do you Offer Long Term Services?

We are committed to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), which encourages feedback from the staff and residents/families to ensure that the physiotherapy and rehabilitation services reflect the needs of the residents and homes with  Long Term Care and Rehabilitation.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do. Please ask for details.

Do you offer Direct billing?

Yes we do. We offer direct billing for most insurance providers.

Our Certifications

Some of our achievments that makes us the best for your treatment.

I went to see the physiotherapist in great pain. The physiotherapist spent time special care and really knew what he was doing. He has healing hands. I should have had my neck injury for at least a week, but woke up the morning after seeing him and I was pain free. I highly recommend him.

Nadia Smithson

Let us help you regain yor health

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