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Active Rehabilitation / Kinesiology

Active Rehabilitation - Kinesiology

We are committed to providing client-centred physical rehabilitation and health & wellness education in a relaxed, motivating environment that allows you to reach your full potential.

Kinesiology is the study of human movement, physical activity and sport, their impact on health, performance, society, and quality of life.

We have been offering full-service Kinesiology in Langley for many years and have helped thousands of individuals overcome pain and injury, restore their function and get their lives back. We have earned our reputation as a leading provider of rehabilitation therapies in Langley, BC.

Do you struggle with physical pain?

  • Arthritis?
  • Chronic pain management?
  • Headaches and migraines?
  • Joint pain?
  • Limited mobility or range of motion?
  • Musculoskeletal injury?
  • Neck or back pain (spinal stenosis)?
  • Orthopaedic injury?
  • Osteoporosis?
  • Pain, swelling or stiffness resulting from an injury?
  • Pregnancy pain complications?
  • Repetitive strain injury?
  • Rotator cuff injury?
  • Shoulder pain?
  • Soft tissue injury?
  • Spinal cord injury?
  • Sports injury?
  • Work-related injuries?
  • Wrist pain?

Our therapists are trained to determine the root cause of your pain to permanently eradicate your symptoms, reduce frequent doctor and specialist visits and assist you in achieving a fast and permanent recovery. We have helped thousands of people achieve their pain-free goals and find permanent relief.

Our goals are to improve:

  • Mobility and stability
  • Movement efficiency
  • Explosive power
  • Improve strength and power in a functional range
  • Multi-directional movements
  • Injury prevention
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Active Rehabilitation - Kinesiology

What do our programs entail?

  • The initial visit will include a movement analysis to determine the outcome required for demands of the individual’s recovery and return to activity or their sport.
  • Participate in an individualized active rehabilitation program designed to recover, restore and maximize function.
  • Participants will be challenged using safe and appropriate methods, enabling clients to progress on an individual basis through their program.
  • Each session will deliver mobility, functional movement, corrective exercise, power, core strength and balance.
  • Following your active rehab program, you will find yourself restored to your pre-injury health and active living.

Who would benefit from active rehabilitation? ICBC Patients

  • If you have experienced a car accident in the last 120 days and have an active claim number, ICBC covers the fees free of charge for 12 Active Rehabilitation sessions as part of your MVA accident benefits in addition to physiotherapy treatment.
  • Physiotherapy and active rehabilitation appointments can be scheduled on the same day for a patient’s time efficiency.
  • Active rehabilitation can also be referred by your physician or your physiotherapist for ICBC clients who have lingering physical issues with respect to their original MVA injuries. If you have a referral, we will work with your ICBC claims adjuster to request coverage for your Active Rehabilitation sessions beyond the 12 visits and 120-day guideline.

Our process

Initial assessment

Your kinesiologist will learn about your goals, injuries and establish a baseline for movement.

Treatment plan

Based on your assessment your kinesiologist will create a best plan of action for you to overcome your injuries and achieve your health goals.

Your sessions

You will attend your regular sessions for executing your plan to get you back to normal, stronger and stable.

Personal training in Langley, BC at Regain Health Centre

Our kinesiologists are personal trainers who will create an achievable training plan that will help you meet your fitness goals. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in creative ways to help make sure that they get the most out of each session with individually tailored fitness plans.

Are you in pain?

Let our professional physical therapist help you today. Don’t let a minor ache become a major injury.

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