Physiotherapy is recognized as an essential part of modern health care, and a leading method on optimizing your recovery and healing process.

Physiotherapy has a very wide range of services that can cater to many people’s health care needs.

Physiotherapy can help you to:

  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Optimize recovery after surgery
  • Rehabilitate sporting injuries
  • Get back on your feet after bony fracture
  • Assist in improving cardio respiratory health
  • And many more…..

Role of Physiotherapy for MSK(musculo-skeleton) Conditions

MSK conditions encompass a broad range of disorders that affect the bones, joints and connective tissue, and includes arthritis (and related conditions) and trauma. Physiotherapists assess and treat patients with MSK conditions in order to reduce and eliminate pain and address muscle weakness, loss of stability and limited functional abilities.

One in ten Canadians with an MSK condition consults with a physiotherapist. Patients with MSK conditions account for the majority of outpatient physiotherapy consultations, with care delivered in private clinics, through on-site physiotherapy programs in the workplace and in the home.

Physiotherapy is an effective tool in injury prevention and recovery in programs that focus on self-management and independence.


Impact on Patient Experience

  • Physiotherapy treatment improves a patient’s physical well-being and quality of life.
  • Physiotherapy interventions include education about treatment and self-management strategies which improves patient satisfaction.
  • Patients benefit from physiotherapists’ use of multiple skills or approaches in the treatment of MSK conditions.
  • Patients are confident in physiotherapist abilities to assess MSK conditions.