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Patient Referral

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist in BC. In fact, physiotherapists are primary care practitioners, so you can visit them without a referral. However, some extended health plans may require a referral before they will reimburse you for your treatment. It is also possible that you’ll need one if you plan on visiting a publicly funded community physiotherapy clinic.

Check with your insurance provider to find out if this applies to you before starting treatment. However, if treatments are to be covered by ICBC or WCB, a referral is necessary before payments will be released.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can go to a physiotherapy appointment without a doctor’s referral, however, if you are planning on submitting your receipt for reimbursement from an extended benefits plan, you may want to review the plan as some require a doctor’s referral note.

Hand Therapy, Physiotherapy, Active Rehabilitation / Kinesiology, Arthritis / Tendinitis Care, Chronic Pain Management, Customized Splinting, IMS / Dry Needling, Laser Therapy, Posture & Gait Rehabilitation, Shockwave Therapy, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Care and Wound Care Therapy. Please see the full list of services menu for more information on these treatments.

No. We will take care of sessions approval, funding from ICBC, and treatment extensions for you during your treatment. We also directly bill your treatment to ICBC, so you don’t have to pay upfront.

Our physiotherapy sessions are completely covered by ICBC at no cost to you. We directly bill ICBC so there will be no cost or paperwork to you!

Click here to view ICBC fee guide.

Yes, in order to get a WorkSafe BC claim number, you need to be under the care of a physician. If you do not have a family physician, the majority of walk-in clinic doctors can help you. When booking the initial appointment with a walk-in clinic, make sure to let the receptionist know you’re coming in because you got injured on the job.

If you are receiving premium Assistance with MSP (Medical Services Plan), you will receive 10 visits total (combined with chiropractic, acupuncture, massage).  If you are not on premium assistance, MSP will not cover any portion of your physiotherapy fees. To determine your eligibility for coverage, we would need your personal health number and date of birth. Get more information on your MSP coverage.

Yes, it would be very helpful if you could complete your intake forms in advance or please reach at least 15 mins prior to your appointment start time to do new registration formalities.

Your therapist will work with you on your treatment plans after your initial visit to meet your recovery goal, so you know what to expect.

Session length varies from treatments, generally, it will be 60 mins for your initial sessions, as there will be a thorough health assessment before the treatment. And follow-up treatments will be around 30 minutes.

Since the physiotherapist wants to get you moving, you should wear comfortable clothing e.g., a tank top or shorts that allow for unrestricted movement. If you want the clinic to submit a direct billing claim to your insurer, you need to bring your insurance information. Also, remember to bring your calendar to your initial appointment as your physiotherapist is likely to suggest a course of treatment for you that will require follow-up sessions in order to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Your therapist will need to examine the area of injury that is giving you pain or discomfort: For instance, if it is your knee, please wear shorts; if you shoulder is injured, a tank top or sport top will work.

Yes, we have a large parking lot where you can park for free. And we also have ample street level parking, too.

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