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Our Facility

Reception Area

We offer a specialized services for the treatment of acute or chronic hand injures, vestibular rehabilitation, TMJ Disorders, chronic pain management, arthritis management, cancer rehabilitation and joint replacement rehabilitation.

Other evidence-based state of the art physiotherapy services such as manual therapy, laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and dry needling or intramuscular stimulation.

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Why choose us

State-of-the-art Treatment Rooms

Our clinic is equipped with modern treatment rooms that are designed to create a comfortable and professional environment for our patients.

Hand Therapy Center

We have a specialized hand therapy center that is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment necessary for effective hand rehabilitation. This includes devices for grip strength training, dexterity exercises, and specialized splinting techniques.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Our clinic is equipped with a range of physiotherapy equipment to support various treatment modalities. This includes electrotherapy machines, LASER, Shockwave therapy, ultrasound units, heat and cold therapy equipment, therapeutic exercise equipment, and more.

Functional Rehabilitation Area

We have a dedicated space for functional rehabilitation exercises, where patients can work on improving their strength, flexibility, balance, and overall functional abilities under the guidance of our therapists.

Assessment and Diagnostic Tools

Our clinic have access to assessment and diagnostic tools such as goniometers, dynamometers, sensation testing tools, and other specialized tools to accurately evaluate the progress of each patient’s condition.

Exercise and Rehabilitation Equipment

We provide a range of exercise and rehabilitation equipment to facilitate targeted therapy sessions. This includes resistance bands, weights, stability balls, balance boards, treadmill, recumbent bike, and other equipment designed to aid in the recovery process.

Private Treatment Areas

We understand the importance of privacy during therapy sessions. Our clinic has private treatment areas where patients can receive one-on-one care and personalized attention from our therapists.

Patient Education Resources

We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge and information about their condition and the recovery process. Our clinic may provide educational resources such as pamphlets, handouts, and digital resources to support patient understanding and self-care.

Accessibility Features

Our clinic is designed to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges. This may include wheelchair ramps, accessible washrooms, and other features to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our therapy clinic

Welcome to your local Physiotherapy & Hand clinic to regain your health!

Reception Area

Reception area. We have minimum wait times.

Evidence based therapy that helps you to overcome your symptoms!

Careful and guided consultation.

Inside view of our clinic.

Equipped to offer laser therapy and shock wave therapy treatments.

Custom splint fabrication/ wound care room.

Treatment facilities including treatment for Post-surgery and Joint Replacement Care.

Treatment facilities including treatment for joints and muscular injuries.

Hand treatment and consultation area.

Various Exercise Equipment.

Fully equipped spacious exercise room with modern facilities.

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